Heights PTO June 2020 PTO Meeting Recap

This video recording of the PTO's June 5th Zoom meeting has been edited to remove offensive content and language by Zoom"bombers."

Heights PTO condemns these actions and words in the strongest possible terms.  Our PTO is committed to the inclusion and celebration of all the diverse members of our school community and our society at large. Although we support free speech, we will not allow our organization to be used in any way as a platform for hate, intolerance, or racism.  In the future, all of our Zoom meeting links will be sent via email only. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to welcoming you to future Heights PTO events. 

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Heights Elementary PTO Meeting General Meeting Minutes 

Date/Time/Location: June5, 2020 at 7:00 via ZOOM. 

Meeting called to order: By PTO chair Manjula Riley at 7:05 p.m. 

1. Welcome and Introduction: By PTO chair Manjula Riley Provided families with PTO connection info, and also reminded families that the PTO is always looking for volunteers. 

2. PTO Budget Overview and Outlook: By PTO treasurer Julia Li -See detailed budget information for specific information Julia informed us that the current bank balance is $15,311,15. The Special Funds balance is $7230.95, so the bank balance excluding the special funds is $8,080.61, 

Heights PTO saved $4,179.46 by not having a Spring in person event. The Heights clothing revenue thus far is $267.68, and any profit from here on will be pure profit. 

Julia discussed fundraising events. She discussed worst case/best case/likely scenarios. The website total from the recent online fundraiser raised $3,068.80! With this amount, the PTO bank balance in June will be approximately $19,000.00 This time last year (in 2019) the bank balance was approximately $26,000.00 and in 2018 it was approximately $29,000.00 Therefore the PTO budget was significantly affected the the pandemic and we need to exercise caution for next year’s budget. 

Julia discussed the following to address this issue:

1) Two phase teacher reimbursements.

2) Welcome back lunch-will consider asking parents to donate rather than purchasing items.

3) Book fair in September will be physical (if possible) as well as online

4) Consideration will be given in cutting the following budget items for 20/21: Mini grants, technology budget, directory printing.

5) Library budget will be cut (Mrs. Drew may choose to use a wish list during the book fair to assist the library gets book it needs/wants)

6) There may be no pizza parties in 20/21

7) Spirit wear will have no additional cost, we will sell what we currently have in stock. 

A suggestion was made that the PTO can search for parents who have grant writing skills. Some local banks are offering grants for educational programming. 

3. A Special thank you was given to room parents, as well as to Trisha Lee the room parent coordinator. 

4. Manjula Riley provided the group with a review of the 2019/2020 events 

• Welcome Back picnic 

• Sending Cheer Program 

• Book Fair 

• School Picture Day 

• Multiple pizza parties with various activities 

• PTO social 

• Teacher stipends and appreciation events 

• Movie night 

• Chinese New Year lion parade 

• Sharon Speaks Series-one in person and two via zoom. The two that happened on zoom are recorded and are available on the Heights PTO website 

• Educational Programming 

• Mainspring Lunch Program-the PTO is open to other way we can support the shelter in the upcoming school year 

• Ice Cream social was cancelled and instead Auction Item were sold online via the PTO website 

• Heights Garden Program 

Upcoming event:

Celebrating our 5th graders, July 9th at 7:00 at Heights. Kona ice truck will be there. All social distancing/precautions will be followed that day. 

5. Committees

Current committees were listed for parents to see. The committees that needed volunteer help in the upcoming school year were highlighted, and those committees are: Hop Skip Jumpathon, Hedgehogs Give Back (community service), Diversity and Cultural Committee. 

6. Motto for new year: “Doing the best with what we have” 


Manjula Riley provided the group with a plan for next year 1) Get to know our new principal Dr. Dion 

2) Teacher stipend paid in 2 installments

3) Online book fair (in person if safe)

4) Social events when safe to do so

5) Celebrate culture and diversity of heights

6) Fundraising for Heights

7) Supports, staff, & school as much as we can! 

7. Principal Update

Mrs. Lamore provided an update re: learning remotely. Focus for learning templates was math, reading and writing section of ELA. Social Studies, Science, Art etc. were still on learning template. 

Mrs. Lamore stated that for the end of 2020 school year, the Commissioner Reilly did not overly direct learning other than saying that there needed to be a half day of learning. Mrs. Lamore stated that in the new school year learning will be more standardized across the commonwealth. 

Report cards will be focused on math and ELA (reading & writing). Will be a mark of participating or not participating. There will be a comment section in the report card where teachers can make comments related to a child’s learning this year. Specialist report cards will not be done, unless a child went above and beyond in that subject, and for those it would not be a mark, it would be a comment. 

Mrs. Lamore & teachers have been working on placement for next year. New kindergarten orientation is happening next week virtually. Mrs. Lamore discussed budget issues and potential changes for what learning will look like next year. 

School Nurses will be doing adolescent awareness programs as they have always done. Mrs. Lamore will be sending a notice to parents. 

Fifth grade teachers are planning a spirit week for 5th graders this week. Teachers are working on cleaning our classrooms and students are scheduled for student material pickups. On the same day as material pickup, children can drop off library books, classroom books, and instruments. 

Mrs. Lamore’s official last day will be August 28, 2020. 

Mr. Crehan provided an update on Special Education in regards to remote learning. ESY will continue with the remote learning plan. Will start July 6 and will run Monday through Friday. 

Judy Crosby talked about capital budget issues. She also mentioned that DESE has come out with the new education guidelines. 

Mrs. Lamore’s Kudo board was displayed and many parents expressed great gratitude to Mrs. Lamore for all she has done over the years. 

We all wish Mrs. Lamore a happy retirement! 

Meeting adjourned around 8:10 p.m. Next meeting, beginning of school year 2020/2021