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Heights PTO Newsletter: Summer Kindergarten Playdates 2019!

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Summer Kindergarten Playdates 2019!

Do you have an incoming Kindergartener? Are they excited for school? Trepidatious? Simply cannot wait?

Mark your calendars for the Kindergarten playdates! We have TWO playdates for them to come meet their new friends and classmates!

Saturday, August 10th from 10:00 AM -12:00 NOON Sunday, August 25th from 10:00 AM -12:00 NOON

Attend one, attend both, either way, come meet your child's new best friends for life!

Want to get involved with the Heights PTO?

Always wanted to get involved with the PTO but never knew how? Well here's your chance!

Here is a list of committee lead and volunteer positions for the upcoming year.

Committee Chair/ Volunteer Positions

Each position has a varying amount of involvement/ commitment needed.

PTO Volunteer MYTHS: I need to commit to 10 hours a week....  I need to attend ALL PTO meetings.... I need to be in school all the time! I can't ask people for money!!! I don't have the time!!!

Heights PTO FACTS: Volunteer as much or as little as you want! Make this your new social life, or simply work solely from your computer if that's your jam! YOU choose your hours, YOU choose where to work from, and how much time to give! Creative? Organized? A leader, a task master, a follower, or an idea person? Pick (or create) a committee that piques your interests!!

The only common thing between all the volunteer/ chair positions is the guaranteed satisfaction from having worked to better your child's school, enriched your and your child's experience, from having given back!

We got you all covered! Contact us for any questions/ ideas/ more details!

Executive Board Manjula R (Chair) Aparna (Vice Chair)  Julia Li (Co-Treasurer) Chunyan Bai (Co-Treasurer)

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