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Lion Parade, and more news you could use!

THANK YOU: Heights PTO Social

A huge thank you to the parents who attended the Heights PTO Social at Simcha ~ Such a fun night getting to know so many new people!

Thank you for making the Heights community what it is!

A huge thank you to Avi from Simcha, for hosting us.

View more pictures here.

Lion Parade

The Heights PTO is proud to sponsor a Chinese New Year event on the afternoon of Friday, January 24.

The students will have the chance to explore Chinese culture about the Lunar year celebration.  A fun and unique lion dance parade will also be performed! See the flyer for details. This is an in-school event (i.e. it is not open to parents to attend).

Be sure to ask your students about the lion parade that evening.  Each student will be given a red envelope as a symbol of good luck. It will contain a free raffle ticket that can be used at the ice cream social. Just write the student's and teacher's name on the back, to use.

Interested in planning events such as these in the future? Head up/ be a part of the Heights PTO Cultural Committee! Looking for parents from all cultures ~ Email for more info!

Educational Programming

Thank you to our Educational Programming Committee for presenting our students with wonderful learning opportunities through the year, sponsored by the PTO!

This month, Grade 2 has the opportunity to learn about Physical Changes in Matter via the Discovery Museum.

Program description:  Investigating the physical properties of solids, liquids and gases has never been so much fun! In this most popular workshop, dry ice and liquid nitrogen make learning the phase changes very dramatic as together we change liquid water to gas, shatter flowers and rubber bands, use a banana as a hammer, and even shrink solid metal in just a few seconds.

Grades 2-5 will also be treated to a historical performance/ presentation by Sheryl Faye ~ Grades 2&3: Susan B Anthony and Grades 4&5: Anne Frank

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