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Sharon Speaks! Box tops, PTO meeting and more news you could use!

THANK YOU: Heights PTO Lion Parade

A huge thank you to Julia Li and Jessie Fang for organizing the Lion Parade to celebrate the Chinese New Year, as well as Jenny Xue from Cottage, who coordinated this event through the all the elementary and preschools. Thank you to Ning Luo, Rita Chen, and Melanie Young for performing the lion parade, and other parent volunteers who assisted, along with students Wynne L., Charles H, Emma Z., Yulin C., Elsa Y., Michelle Z., Sophia H., Charlie Q. who provided the music, colors and energy to the parade!

Click here to view more pictures!

THANK YOU: Educational Programming

The educational programming committee planned a fun event for the second grade this week: Physical Changes in Matter via the Discovery Museum. The children had the opportunity to learn about solids, liquids and gases in a hands on workshop using dry ice and liquid nitrogen.

Some fun recaps: each child got a chance to feel carbon dioxide gas in their hands. They did experiments with dry ice and liquid nitrogen. The fruit shown, were immersed in liquid nitrogen. The banana becomes hard (frozen solid), which is then used to hammer a nail into a wooden board. The balloon deflates on contact with the very cold liquid nitrogen.

Thank you to Andi W., Jen E. and Vinu K. for organizing this and all such programs throughout the year! Students have such fun while learning!

Sharon Speaks! PTO's Speaker Series

Announcing our new speaker series: Sharon Speaks!

All parents/ guardians are invited to attend our free speakers series. This series brings you Sharon resident experts sharing their expertise with our elementary school audiences. All speakers/ panels will be at 7:00 P.M. at the Sharon Middle School auditorium.

The first speaker in this series will be "Navigating Gender in 2020: Understanding Gender Identity Development and Expression", by Jennifer Weiner and Susy Gallor. View flyer for details.

Please email for any questions.

Committee Spotlight: Spirit Committee

Meet the Spirit Committee!

Meet the faces behind the success of the PTO in our Committee Spotlight series!

Box Tops

Tuesday, 2/4/2020

Save your Box Tops! Heights will continue to participate in the Box Tops For Education Program this year. Our next collection day will be Friday, December 6th during school lunch periods. We will be collecting both clipped box tops and scans.

February PTO Meeting

Wednesday, 2/12/2020

Save the date for the February PTO Meeting. FREE on-site babysitting provided. More info coming soon!

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