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So Many Ways To Give THANKS!

Students having a great time at the Heights PTO Virtual Pizza Party with Dr. Dion!

Click to view Dr. Dion's videos and more pictures!

  • Giving thanks this season

  • Help us raise $8080 in 2020

  • Help a Child in Need

Giving thanks this season

The Heights PTO is grateful for YOU

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Heights PTO is extremely grateful to so many people this season.

  • Our teachers who go the extra mile every single day

  • Heights admin who work tirelessly to support us

  • Our committee leads and volunteers without whom the PTO would never be

  • Our students who participate in our activities and whose smiles make it all worthwhile

  • And our parents who, with their participation, make all this happen!


Listed below are a few ways that you can give thanks to your community.

Help us raise $8080 in 2020

Let's turn 2020 around!

Support the PTO in raising $8080 in the year 2020. This season of giving, please keep your PTO in mind. Help us support our teachers, for remote, hybrid and in-person teaching, educational programming and classroom supplies, to mention just a few items we need the money for. Click to donate:

Help a Child in Need

Please see below a note from Erin Roy, Heights Social Worker:

"Every year I coordinate with the Department of Children and Families Taunton/Attleboro Area Office to purchase holiday gifts for children in need. All the children are either with intact families who are not able to buy much, if anything at all, for Christmas (especially this year), or children in DCF foster care. Many children in foster care are placed with kin who likely did not plan on having more children come into their lives and have their own children/grandchildren to buy gifts for.

The social workers who work with the family write up a wishlist of toys, clothing, gift cards (for the adolescents) and other gift ideas, and we look for caring elves to fulfill the children’s wishlists. Keep in mind these are children who otherwise may get no gifts for the holidays and this is especially an emotional struggle during the pandemic. Whether you are donating money or shopping for a child by buying what is on their wishlist, please know these children are often more grateful than your own (mine included), as are the Social Workers and Supervisors working with the family. I worked for DCF for 15 years before coming to Heights in 2017 and it is definitely the highlight of my year! Thank you so much for your caring and kindness during this crazy, trying 2020!!

Checks can be made payable to Erin Roy (all money will be pooled and divided by child) or send via Venmo: Erin-Roy-8. I am also looking for volunteers to do the shopping. Any questions, please feel free to email me: or call/text: 508-641-8774. I am hoping to have all donations and volunteers ready by 12/4/2020; that way I can assign children to families and get shopping!"

Native American Heritage Month


Wetu - Wikipedia

"Our Story" Exhibit To Receive Warm Welcome Reception in Provincetown - Plymouth 400, Inc.

The Wampanoag Way - YouTube

Home | Native Knowledge 360° - Interactive Teaching Resources (

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