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PROJECT STATUS:  Awaiting approval by superintendent and grants received

What is the Heights Mural Project?

In order to improve and beautify the front of our school, our art teacher Mrs. Alex Mellman in collaboration with artist Josh Winer, will create a custom mosaic and painted mural on the front face of Heights Elementary.

This new mural will be a collaborative effort between artist, the art teacher, students at Heights. This project will involve all classes, K-5, totaling 558 students.

We will create a new sign for Heights in colorful tiles or paint. The project also supports the core values of the Sharon Public Schools, the SPS strategic plan objective to develop respectful partnerships and the Massachusetts Framework for Visual Arts.

Heights Mural Project Vision

About Mrs. Mellman

I have been teaching elementary art for 2o years in Sharon. I love my job and watching all my students enjoy the process of creating. I enjoy incorporating children’s literature and art history with art lessons. Over my time at Heights I have worked with students to create over 10 painted and tiled murals throughout the school, one of them was with the artist Josh Winer. I am a mom to two lovable kids (who are now teenagers) and a rescue dog. Outside of school I love to travel, read, paint and be with my family.

About Josh Winer

Joshua Winer has created more than 100 murals and works of public art, from very large exterior murals for city centers to very personalized interior murals for homes, and everything between: murals in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, old-age homes, mansions, museums, castles, bathrooms, office buildings, parking garages, malls, theaters and schools. He works in many media, including paint, mosaic, ceramic, brick, metal and wood.

About the Mural making process

Through this project, students will be learning how to create and work together as a community. These are essential skills for all students learn before they go out into the world.

Two years ago, Josh Winer and Mrs. Mellman worked with all 530 students to collaborate, design and install 8 glass tile murals in the rotunda. These murals are welcoming and improve the aesthetic of our building.


Each student at Heights, who worked on it, feels a sense of accomplishment and ownership of the project.


This new proposed mural will not only give current students this sense of pride but it will also create a beautiful face for our building within the Sharon community.

Examples of other murals around Sharon by the artist.

heights mural project.png
mural project funds summary.png

Ways to Support the Project

1) Help out with the Bake Sales planned for Parent Teacher Conference Days

2) Support your child's "Display My Art"

3) Donate directly to the Mural Fund via the PTO: Click here to donate

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