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The wonderful Teacher Appreciation Committee takes care of ensuring that the teachers know that they are appreciated throughout the year!

Some of the events that are managed by this committee:

- Holiday Breakfast: A scrumptious buffet breakfast for the teachers and staff. Pictures below.

- Teacher Cookie Swap: The committee coordinated donations of cookies that the teachers could select from to take home!

- Teacher Appreciation Donation Drive: Parents get a chance to make monetary donations to the PTO for a specific teacher fund, that is awarded to the teacher for use in their classroom!

- Teacher Appreciation Week: A week long appreciation event, that consists of coffee, breakfasts, snacks, goodies, taco bar.. and so much more!

- Staff meetings: Through the year, the committee also coordinate donations for snacks for the hard workings staff meetings.

Teachers Holiday Breakfast was a huge success, and much appreciated by the teachers and staff!

Who they are:

Deb F.

Deb F. Joined the PTO in fall of 2019. She has a kindergartner at Heights and a pre-schooler.


Deb is also an elementary school teacher who’s currently taking time off to be with her children and bring appreciation to the Heights faculty! She loves to run, travel and spend time with her family. 

Natasha N.

Natasha joined the Teacher Appreciation Committee in 2019. She serves the committee by helping to organize lunches for staff meetings and helps coordinate other special events to express gratitude to the teachers, which they so deserve!


Natasha tried to teach art to middle schoolers, but decided being a lawyer would be WAY easier. She enjoys agonizing about the fate of humanity, trying not to kill plants, arts and crafts, bicycling, and doing yoga whilst spending the whole time wondering why she doesn’t do more yoga. She has a kindergartner, Naomi and a husband, Ross, who lovingly helped her with the grammar for this bio.

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